Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Feelin' Fall...

Fall is the most beautiful season of the year..I am in love with everything about this season- the colors, falling of the leaves, subtle breezy weather, layerings of your clothes etc.etc....

Fall fashion is all about beautiful cardigans, light scarves, tights, a nice trench, and a great pair of boots. My friends always tell me that shopping for this season can be expensive -especially, if you are investing on a great pair of boots and a good lasting trench. And, i completely agree with them. Yes! it can be expensive, but my philosophy on fashion is: you don't have to buy everything expensive from head to toe. You can find great deals if you research enough. However, it's okay to spend a little bit more on items like a pair of good boots or a trench, but i think it's ridiculous to spend 100$ on a cardigan. The trick is: mixing high-priced items with low and adding your personal touch. 

Don't buy everything you see being displayed on a mannequin- put your own personal touch to things. When you do that- you are less likely to look like everybody else.

This Grey cardigan from Forever 21 is only $19.80. It's perfect for layering. It's definitely on the trendier side. You can wear this to work with a dress, with a denim on a casual day out, or even with a cocktail dress to look effortless and cool.  Grey is the color for Fall, so go get one for yourself before they go out..

This racing stripes black boots from Anthro is little bit on the pricey side, but this $398.00 boots can last you for a long time. It looks sleek, comfy and you can definitely wear it with your tucked denim, or even  with a dress...

This cocoa colored cardigan from Forever is perfect for the Fall. It ties up at the front which gives an illusion of a smaller waist. The color works great for both Fall and Winter. And, it's only $24.80

Gap Trench for $88.00- Not bad...This camel color will never go out of style and will go with all sorts of colors like black, red, purple, brown, off white, denim, dark blue etc. etc.

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