Friday, September 17, 2010

The beginning

I have always enjoyed writing- any form of writing, but mostly creative stuff. Blogging has always been my passion- may be because it's less structured..

Even though I stopped blogging for quite a while- I feel great coming back, this time with a new vision, new ideas and definitely a new me.

I will be blogging pretty much about everything that surrounds fashion, style, random pretty things with a sprinkle of my personality. You must be thinking-oh! no- another  "fashion blogger." Don't worry! one thing for sure- I will try to bring a different perspective on fashion blogging. I will be blogging on current trends, budget shopping, highlighting news articles on mainstream fashion and style, focusing on the global fashion scene (mainly South-East Asia) and other random musings of life. I grew up in a different part of the world before I came to the U.S., therefore I might be little biased (or not- haha) when it comes to fashion- I feel like global fashion/style can be equally interesting and  rewarding. Therefore with that intention in mind, I hope this blogging experience becomes a fun adventure for myself- where I can  share my thoughts on fashion with other fashion lovers and hope it becomes a fun cultural forum for my readers, where they become a part of this fashionable cultural experience!

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