Friday, November 19, 2010

Headbands are here to stay...

Headbands are definitely creating some major buzz this year and looks like they will definitely transition into 2011.

The right kind of headband will complete your outfit, whereas the wrong one can definitely spoil it. Therefore, I advise to keep certain things in mind when looking for one:

1)    What’s your personal taste? (classic, trendy, bohemian or you like to make bold statements)
2)    What’s the occasion?
3)    Is price a factor? (I personally don’t believe in spending 50$ on a hairband. The maximum one should spend is probably 20 $)
4)   What’s the length of your hair? (headbands usually look good on short to medium size hair, but that does not mean people with long hairs cannot wear them- it depends how you wear/style them)
5)  Are you planning on emphasizing your headband when you walk into a room or are you simply adding the headband as an accent? (if your headband is an attention-getter, then go subtle on your outfit)


If you’re a classic person with an uptown personality, then I’d stick with basic silk headbands in various colors- like black, blue, pink, beige, etc.

You can also try headbands that have embellishments on them for an evening get together. Don’t be afraid to try on bright colors in various shapes and forms.

Try stores like Claire, Forever 21, New York and Company and Charlotte Russe when choosing one.


If you are more into boho fashion, try headbands that are thin that fall onto your forehead. Wear these headbands with your hair down and wavy. Celebrities like Nicole Ritchie and Vanessa Hudgens are huge fans of such headbands.

You can wear thin headbands on your forehead to emulate the bohemian look. Your local drugstores like Walgreens and even Walmart will carry them in various colors. If you’re looking for trendier ones, try (headbands in Etsy are little pricey, but definitely unique), Urban Outfitters, Anthro etc.


If you are a trendy person, who does not mind experimenting with the current trend, I would definitely suggest getting styles that are different and may be in more than just one style. Peacock themed headbands are definitely trendy and work for all hairstyles.

You can get these headbands at stores like Claire and Charlotte Russe for a cheap price.

Risk taker

If you are bold like Blair Waldorf from the show Gossip Girls, then go ahead and have fun with headbands that scream: attention!!

When wearing such headbands, keep your makeup and outfit simple and subtle. Even when you’re wearing these dramatic headbands, the key is to still look presentable. Therefore, don’t over accessorize…

Usually huge funky flower headbands work great on people who are not afraid to be bold and daring with their styles. You can find these headbands at stores like Wal-Mart and Forever 21. Or, simply go to a craft store and buy one of these flowers and stick them on a thin headband.

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