Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's in store for men this summer?

Summer is right around the corner. And, there are so many reasons to love this season other than just the warm weather. The transition from fall/winter to spring/summer is something that most people look forward to. There’s nothing more refreshing than swapping heavy jackets and woolen sweaters for lighter clothing.  Therefore, for all you fashionable urban gentlemen out there, here are some of the few tips to make your wardrobe ready for the summer.  Remember, when incorporating the current summer trend, don’t forget to add your personal touch. And, it’s okay to step out of your conventional standards and take a fun transformational approach to your wardrobe.

7 Must-Haves that you can't go wrong!
  • Plaids are definitely in these days. Therefore, get yourself some nice plaid shirts to wear for the summer. Plaids work best when wore with khakis, shorts or  jeans. 

  • Monochromatic trend seems to be showing up in many designer collections for the past few seasons, therefore when choosing a monochromatic look, keep it clean and simple. This look is ideal when you pair a nice crisp suit with a lighter shade button-up and a contrast satin tie. Plus, this look can produce the illusion of being lengthier than you really are.

  • When it comes to jeans, lighter shades of jeans are always preferable during summer.  You can do a lot with lighter pair of jeans for casual wears. Don't hesitate to pair it with a light colored t-shits (white/neutrals/pastels) for that cool effect.

  • As we all know white is a signature color of summer. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to get some white t-shirts to layer for the summer. Even though white can help you with the heat, it is not always a flattering color for everyone. White looks better on darker skin people. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get some tan before choosing white garments or clothes during summer. 

  • Fedora hats are definitely one of the hottest trends for men this summer. If you are fashion-forward and don’t bow to conventional standards, this trend might really work for you. Fedoras are great for casual wears. Keep your overall look simple when experimenting with this trend.

  • Sunglasses on brighter shades are one of the summer accessories that are very hot this summer. These shades are perfect when attending a summer concert/music festival, a barbeque party, or to simply prevent yourself from UV rays while staying trendy.

  •  Flip-flops and summer go hand-in hand. However, invest a little bit more on flip-flops this year so that it transition into next summer as well. Look for style that’s refreshing and fits your personality well. Flip-flops don’t always have to be cheap and boring. Think comfort first and then look for styles that are little edgy and fun.        
Enjoy your summer and stay fashionable!      

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