Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do you have a shirtdress?

A woman can never have too many shirtdresses.

A shirtdress is not just a timeless piece for your closet, but also a convenienet clothing item that can take you from your office to a night out on town with your friends. A right length shirtdress when paired with soft accessories can be a flattering silhoutee for all body types.

Shirt-dresses come in various styles and designs and if you think there's not one made for you- I am sorry, but you're wrong!! Yes, you heard me. No matter what your style is--there's a shirtdress for you.

Next time, when you're at a store debating about your "shirtdress purchase," remember-- it's an option for everyone. And, yes! that includes you reading this post...

Perfect for a night out

just lovely

Love it...Perfect for spring and summer bbq parties

Great for work

You can never go wrong with this

A great piece for the spring wardrobe

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  1. what kind of dress is the 5th one? where can i find it? (the one with the yellow belt)