Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Having a masculine moment?

Fashion over the years has evolved in many different ways and forms. The ever-changing nature of fashion is what keeps the industry alive and refreshing. Looking at the fashion trends right now- menswear-inspired styles are making a huge comeback this fall. Fashion’s love-affair with menswear-inspired clothing isn’t something new to Hollywood starlets. In the past, menswear-inspired look has been popularized by celebrities like Katherine Hepburn, Bianca Jagger, and Diane Keaton. However, today celebrities like Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Alexa Chung and Angelina Jolie have equally shared their passion and love for menswear-inspired clothing by adding an extra shot of sex appeal and a modern edge to the trend.

Over the years, menswear-inspired fashion have only become better as a result of designers such as Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein adding a refined edge to them. There is something incredibly sexy about menswear-inspired pieces such as a pair of a boyfriend blazer, a cropped leather jacket, a tuxedo inspired jacket, a fedora hat, a pair of cargo pants, a pair of cigarette pants paired with something feminine and soft. May be it is the juxtaposition of feminine curves meeting the hard masculine clothes that gives this look some sensuality and boldness.

See how a leather jacket added to a bright preppy skirt can give you that raw appeal
       The boyfriend blazer paired with this feminine dress like this one can work for happy-hours after work or even to a cocktail party

Menswear-inspired vest gives you that masculine feel, but the strand of pearls can add that softness to your look Remember! it's all about pairing masculine pieces with feminine touch 

                                            This is perfect for an office look on Friday
    This menswear-inspired button down shirt paired with a chunky chain necklace can add toughness to your overall look, however the skirt with lacy details when paired together (which you can't see clearly in the picture) can create that perfect harmony 
It’s all about the execution and presentation when it comes to menswear-inspired fashion. This kind of fashion is flattering on someone who is not afraid to play and experiment with her feminine side. The masculine appeal works at its best when one pairs it up with something feminine and soft to create that balanced look. And, it’s not just menswear-inspired clothes that give you that raw appeal, accessories and accent pieces inspired by menswear fashion such as an embellished necklace, a chunky bracelet, a pair of Oxford shoes, a plaid fedora hat, a newsboy cap, a pair of aviator glasses, or even a satchel can equally add a modern touch of boldness and sleekness to your overall outfit.
 However, there are some things one might consider when it comes to pairing masculine pieces to feminine clothes or vice versa. Remember, just because it’s called menswear does not mean, you dress like a man. Even though you are adding menswear-inspired fashion to your wardrobe, the trick is to buy items that are structured and well tailored. Here are some tips to wearing menswear-inspired pieces:

  1. Find a tailored jacket that hugs your figure. Stay away from items that make you look boxy.
  2. Soften up your menswear inspired suit with a soft romantic blouse in softer colors
  3. Have fun with fedoras and pair them up with a flirtatious dress for a casual day out
  4. Feminize your dress by adding menswear-inspired accents such as a chain necklace or a pair of Oxford flats
  5. Explore fabrics like tweed or leather to give you that modern edgy feel
  6. Play with some dark colors such as black and grey and pair them up with contrast color
  7. Try a menswear inspired button down shirt with a pair of legging and a penny loafer

                                       Here are some more examples...

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